Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Choosing The Best Credit Card Service

As we become more of a technology based society, having good credit and using it is beaming an integral part of most of our daily transactions. From online purchases around the holidays for gifts to buying a cup of coffee in the morning, we rely on our credit cards now more than ever. When we basically operate in a cashless society it is easy to forget that the credit card you are using should offer you not only accessible credit, but great customer service as well. What are the signs of good credit card service?

The first rule of any business or organization should be that they strive for effective communication with their customers. This is no different when it comes to credit card companies. If you cannot effectively and easily get in touch with customer service with your credit card company, then they are not offering good credit card service. Most credit card customers charge a premium in interest rates and other fees, so when you need to talk to them they should be readily available. If you find that you are often stuck in phone trees or unable to quickly get through to a customer service representative, it may be time to consider finding a new company that offers better credit card service.

Another good indicator of great credit card service is their availability of tools at your disposal. Ideally you should not only be able to contact your company by phone, but also have 24 hour online access to your account and customer service. And if your credit card provider really is interested in providing good credit card service, they will offer things like Smartphone apps so you can access your account on the go. This adds an element of convenience as well as a helpful tool to keep track or even make payments in some cases.

With any debit or credit card service, security and identity protection should be a top priority. If your credit card company offers identity theft protection, you should definitely sign up for it. Identity thieves will use a variety of methods in order to obtain your precious account number. Without proper protection it can be a big hassle to dispute charges an repair your credit in the worst case scenarios. Not only should your credit card company offer these services to you, they should give them to you free of charge whenever possible.

While sometimes it may feel like you work just to pay your credit card bill every month, you must remember that it is the credit card company that should be working for you. If you feel you are not getting the best credit card service with your particular company, you may want to lodge a complaint or do research to find new card that will serve you better. Just because we have to rely on our credit cards in many cases doesn't mean we shouldn't rely on the services they provide as well. If the only interest your credit card company shows in you is giving you a high interest rate, then it may be time to move on.

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