Monday, April 30, 2012

The Fun Of Selling Big Ticket Items!

You can make some money selling ebooks that earn you per sale. Many people do. But if you want to make any REAL money, if you want to retire young, that's better done by selling big ticket items - things that earn you from 0 - ,000 per sale.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Expensive items are too hard to sell. It's better to sell inexpensive impulse purchase' items. But that's not true. You just have to use the correct SYSTEM to sell Big Ticket items. But I'll get into that later. First I want to talk about the one HUGE advantage of selling Big Ticket items.


Free advertising is fine, but the more money you spend on advertising, the more qualified hits you will receive, and the more sales you will make. And with Big Tickets you can spend more money!

Google AdWords PPC works well to get qualified leads to your site. But it can be a little expensive. Let's say that you've gotten your PPC costs down to about $ .75 per click (It used to be five cents a click, but not anymore!), and you're selling something that earns you per sale. If you have an average conversion rate of 2%, which is pretty good, then you must purchase 50 clicks to get one sale. Fifty clicks will cost you .50. That's .50 MORE than the profit you earn from the sale. OBVIOUSLY, THAT DOESN'T WORK! If you work really diligently to raise your conversion rate to 5%, which is much higher than most people ever achieve, you will need twenty clicks to make one sale. Twenty clicks will cost you . Well, that works. You've made a profit - but not much. You've lost fully HALF of your profits to advertising expense. You might make a living, but you can't retire soon on that!

Now let's look at selling a Big Ticket item - something that sells for ,000 and earns you ,000 per sale. The same 2% conversion rate that we used above will still cost you .50 for one sale, but earns you ,000. Does THAT WORK for you? I think so! Now, let's suppose you have a low conversion rate of only .5%. You would have to buy 200 clicks to make one sale, which costs 0. That still works. Now let's drop your conversion rate down to an abysmal .2%. You now need 500 clicks costing 5 to make ONE SALE and earn ,000. It STILL works. What if you had to spend 5 to make one sale that earned you only ? Fugetabodit!

I could keep going with the numerical examples, but I think you get the point. With Big Ticket items, you can spend hundreds of dollars MORE on advertising to get one sale if you have to, and then you STILL earn hundreds of dollars MORE for each sale that you make!

It's the same for ezine solo ads. If you spent on one ezine solo ad and made 3 sales at each, you've made net. But 3 sales at ,000 each will earn you ,925 net! Which would you rather do? Let me think.

When Selling Big Ticket items, it makes financial sense to do many more types of more expensive paid advertising that JUST DIDN'T MAKE SENSE when selling ebooks! And Paid advertising is what brings in the MOST CONSISTANT LEADS.


Expensive items, especially online, are NOT impulse items. People need time to think about making an expensive purchase. In fact, 80% will NOT buy within the first 60 days. So in order to sell an expensive item, you must stay in front of their face for at least 60 days. Here's the basic set-up.

You create a landing page/sales letter that explains your item in depth. Then, on the front end, you sell an inexpensive (?) introductory offer, or give away a free report, or anything you can do that will COMPEL them to give you their email address to add to your newsletter. Then you send them an email every several days that is filled with REAL additional CONTENT about whatever your topic is. You are now building a RELATIONSHIP with them, and it won't take long for them to start seeing you as an expert in your field. At that point, upselling them to your back-end ,000 product (which earns you ,000) is the next logical step. Many of them WILL buy from you if you take these steps, and have a little patience.

I tried for a long time to make money on the internet, and I usually barely broke even - until I finally understood the importance of selling expensive products. Now, the Big Ticket sales are rolling in, and so is the cash! Understanding this one concept - Sell Big
Ticket Items for Maximum Profit - changed my life forever!

After I learned about this, I sudden realized that I had been the product, if you will, of this very strategy. You see, I wanted to get into real estate investing. I found the site of one of the biggest real estate gurus online. He had five-day real estate seminars that cost ,000. I REALLY wanted to go to his seminar, but there was NO WAY I could justify spending that kind of money! So instead, I bought his (up-front) home study course.

The course was 6 tapes and a workbook. I devoured that course. I listened to the tapes eight or nine times in a row. Every time I was driving, I was listening to his tapes. I practically had them memorized. They were really excellent, but they only gave me about 80% of what I needed to get started buying houses nothing down.

But I was also on his email list, and I constantly got tips from him about real estate investing, which was priming me to purchase his back-end product - I just didn't realize it at the time. Finally, about six months later, because he had built a RELATIONSHIP with me through his emails, and I NOW SAW HIM AS THE EXPERT in real estate, I purchased my first seminar from him for ,000. That began it for me. Over the next few years I spent approximately ,000 on real estate seminars and training courses from him and other gurus! Was it worth the money I spent? Absolutely! The house I'm living in now, the seller GAVE to me. In fact, he paid ME ,000 at closing to take it
off his hands!

But I digress. The point is, this guru used the same tactics I'm discussing here to get me to buy a ,000 seminar that I NEVER would have purchased from his website alone if he hadn't established himself as an expert AND developed a RELATIONSHIP with me through his mailings.

There are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet, but most of them sell items. If you don't have your own products, then you need to find an affiliate program that (1) sells Big Ticket items on the back-end and (2) has a completely automated email follow-up system that makes the back-end sale for you.

What Exactly Is Factoring Panama?

Who provides this service?

Factoring Panama is a financial service generally completed by large banks or perhaps very liquid companies to supply funds to businesses or people who require immediate cash financing. This is achieved by purchasing Accounts Receivables or perhaps invoices at a discount coming from businesses or people who need instant cash. For example, December is really a time when individuals splurge in electronic items using credit cards. If you possessed a web-based store, you'd like to cater to everybody who would like to purchase a laptop by selling the invoice to a "factor" or perhaps a business or a financial institution that buys receivables.

Explanation with numbers

If you place a mark-up of 20% on all your goods, and the "factor" buys your invoices at 5% discount, technically, you will still be making 15% from your financial transaction. Not just that, you're able to get instant cash through the "factor", get rid of the responsibility of collection because the "factor" assumes all of the credit associated risk after buying my invoices, and you are able to accommodate more people who want to purchase laptops. This is the way Factoring Panama works. This particular financial service is not new since it has been around since the 80s and also this is really a way for cash-strapped companies to improve cash flow. Additionally, availing Factoring Panama doesn't mean you will have debt. Because you have sold your own invoices to a "factor", without recourse, signifies that the credit risk changes to the person who bought your invoices.


Factoring Panama is often wrongly recognized as comparable to discounting invoices or accounts receivable, wherein they turn out to be collateral to funds that is lent to you by way of a financial intermediary. Factoring Panama differs since you do not have financial debt. However, as a merchant or perhaps business person, you need to investigate your clients' credit before selling them something because the "factor" will certainly decide to buy the bills according to your own clients' history of credit or rating if it is available. Good-paying clients' invoices will certainly be purchased by "factors".

In Summary

In doing business, always remember that cash is important. No matter how large the sales are typically certain time period, if you're not able to collect the funds immediately, then business won't grow as fast. Whenever much more merchandise is turned over and also clients are capable of paying faster, subsequently that is a good sign that your particular company is actually performing well. If your own capital revolves rapidly, it is always a good thing, but if it does not, there are financial services such as Factoring Panama just to save the difficulty of needing to wait patiently a long time for the capital to return. These services are readily available by the majority of Panama Bank.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arriving At Johannesburg Airport, What To Expect

If you are arriving at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport by air, you'll find yourself 14 miles east of the city centre. Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport is currently in the process of a complete refurbishment but still provides efficient customer service and top-class facilities to match any international airport.

The airport has six different terminals. Only three terminals are actually in use for passengers and include the Transit Terminal, International Terminal and Domestic Terminal. Most of the Transit Terminal has been torn down to make way for the new Central Terminal. The new terminal is expected to ready in 2009 and is part of the big push for the FIFA 2010 World Cup finals. The new Central Terminal will be home to a travellers' check-in area, more gates and will have an indoor link between the International and Domestic terminals.

At the moment, there is no covered link between the two terminals and passengers are required to make the 5-minute outdoor journey along the main exit road to change terminals. Hawkers line the route between the terminals offering assistance with luggage and are very persuasive. Their service isn't free and it is up to you how much you want to pay them.

Inside the terminals there is any number of facilities including all the usual suspects; bureaux de change, cash machines (ATMs), gift shops, restaurants, duty-free stores and curio shops. Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport does however have something a bit different in the form of a chic cigar and wine lounge once you pass through security. Here you can get light snacks, beers and cocktails. The lounge looks like it's reserved for first and business class passengers, but anyone is permitted to use the facilities.

Both international and domestic flights arrive at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport, with a high volume of passengers using the airport each day. The airport is also used by all the major carriers as well as some minor ones.

Outside the International and Domestic terminals you'll public transport options that will take you into the city of Johannesburg. Transportation to places farther afield such as Kruger National Park is best done by hire car. There is a range of reputable car rental firms represented at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport, with booking online in advance being the best way to secure the vehicle of your choice.

There are a range of parking options on-site at the airport including short-term, long-term and valet parking lots, in addition to drop-off and pick-up zones for those who don't want to pay for parking.

Business passengers are very well catered for at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport. The airport has a state-of-the-art business and conference centre in the Arrivals Hall of the Domestic Terminal. These conference and meeting rooms can accommodate up to 10 people and can provide a range of food and fax, telephone, internet and secretarial services.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Important Tips About Your Credit Report

When a lender takes a look at your credit report, your creditworthiness is being evaluated. What the lender is considering are both your ability and willingness to repay the money that you plan to borrow. Your credit report shows a lot of information both directly and as hints. Thus, it is important to understand what lenders see when they are analyzing your credit report.

Credit history is showed as different entries on your report stating whether you take a loan, cancel a loan, make your payments on time, pay late, miss a payment, request another credit card, apply for a car loan or a home loan, are approved, are rejected, etc. All these entries constitute your credit history and will affect your ability to obtain finance.

Free Credit Report

It is important for you to have up-to-date information about your credit. Thus, you should immediately request a copy of your credit report. Your own credit report must be provided to you for free. Only third parties are charged when accessing your credit report, unless you request a copy of your credit report too often. At least once a year (it depends on local regulations) you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each credit bureau.

Your free credit report will include your credit history and all the information that creditors receive when they request your report. Thus, finally, you'll be able to see what others see when they evaluate your creditworthiness. This is important because it will provide you with hints about what you should do to improve your credit score and history.

Avoiding Small Drops On Your Credit Score Due To Inquiries

Multiple inquiries on your credit history can make your credit score drop. However, not all inquiries will affect your credit score equally. Applying for multiple credit cards will affect your credit score the most. Mortgage loans and car loans won't affect your credit score the same way because creditors will infer that you are shopping for a loan, not requesting multiple loans.

Don't Worry About Non-Credit Information

Bear in mind that your credit report doesn't include information that is not related to your credit or financial life. Thus, no racial, nationality, sexual category, marital status, etc. will be taken into account when computing your credit score. Such use of the above mentioned information is strictly forbidden by regulations and there are severe punishments for those who would use it for that purpose.

Additional Information That You Need To Worry About

Though it may not be part of your credit scoring calculations, this information will be included into your credit report and you should concentrate on avoiding negative inputs related to it: The amount of outstanding debt, the number of open credit lines, the balance on credit lines, the ratio between your debt and your income, the ratio of your debt payments, etc. This information is taken into account by lenders when considering whether lending to you is a risky transaction or not. Thus, it will influence your approval and the interest rate and other loan terms in case you are approved.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Estimating Real Estate Buying Benefits

Before buying real estate, estimate just how beneficial buying this property will be for your specific needs. If you are looking for a family home, for example, you know the importance of buying what you love and what will work for your family's specific needs and concerns. Aside from this, though, you also need to consider if the facility is going to be worth the money you pay for it. Is this a good financial investment in your future? Since the purchase of a home is the largest investment most families will make in their lifetime, it pays to invest wisely only after considering all of the facts.

Property Use

One of the first things to do is to determine if the real estate parcel, which includes the building and the land, fits your specific needs. Does it fit your budget and provide for your specific family needs including size, features, and location? Even if you are buying rental property or a space for your business, these elements remain very important. You need to know the details to know if it is worthwhile.

Current Condition

Next, consider the current condition of the property. Having a home inspection from a professional is worthwhile. In fact, most professional renters will spend some on having an inspector come into the property before they actually make the purchase. You also need to consider any problems with the property such as issues with major systems, drainage, flooding, pests and repairs. Is it worth buying this home knowing what you have to put into it to make it a livable space? This is a very individual decision.

Long Term or Short Term?

When buying property, most people buy it to remain in that home or building for a long time. They know the importance of buying what they like then. However, if you plan to buy and sell quickly, even within five years, you need to ensure the purchase price is affordable enough to handle any upgrades you put into it. Otherwise, you will not get the money you invest back when you sell the home at some time in the future. If you plan to stay long-term, it is a better to choose a location that is going to be large enough and flexible enough for your needs as they change.

Real estate investing is a big decision with long-term financial implications. Do not make that decision on your own. Before making any buying decision, talk to an agent about what your needs are. Find the right property and then take into consideration what it can offer you both in creating a home for your family and ensuring your financial future as well.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Creating Wealth

Creating wealth is not as difficult as many people think. Many people think that creating wealth involves coming up with something different and being innovative.

The route to creating wealth is much simpler and we are going to discuss how to do it in this article.

Rule 1
It takes a bit of time

If you want to create wealth overnight this article is not for you however if you are prepared to look at a PROVEN method and a 5 10 year plan, to give you and your loved ones a better lifestyle then this article is for you.

Rule 2
High reward and low risk

What you need when creating wealth is the highest possible reward with the lowest downside risk.

There are plenty of quick risky ways to create wealth but only a few succeed, so here we are going to go with the highest reward and very low risk

You need to do it yourself

Fact is no one else is going to create wealth for you. Forget people selling MLM schemes and get rich books for a hundred dollars is not you who will get wealthy! It's them.

If you try and create wealth by making someone else risk you won't.

Also avoid managed investments the reason people offer to manage your money is they cant do it themselves so no mutual funds, hedge funds, managed FOREX etc

Rule 4
Work smart not hard

Creating wealth is all about working smart not working hard.

You will put your money where it grows quickly and compounds with low risk.

This means making your money to work for you to make more money.

The billionaire's secret investment!

Howard Hughes did it, Donald Trump does even comedian Bob Hope did it and so do most of the worlds wealthiest investors They invested in land.

You may have never considered this as a way to build wealth before, but the fact is:

Its got huge profit potential to risk and land is cheap and easy to invest in - It's the perfect investment to make money fast!

In certain countries land values are booming and many people are making money fast.

In Costa Rica for example many investors are making 100% annual gains with low risk and their getting rich


Because Americans are buying property in ever increasing numbers, at up to 70% less than in the US and these properties need to be built on prime land.

This trend is accelerating and will continue as baby boomers look for holiday homes and retirement homes and a slice of paradise at an affordable cost

Is it really possible to make triple digit gains with low risk

The answer is yes. Investors are already doing it and it's a simple investment to do and it's cheap

All you need to do is buy land in up and coming locations sell on development and move to next location and you will be creating wealth all along the way with low risk.

There is not enough room in this article to go into the massive wealth potential of buying land, however research the facts and you will see there is no simpler low risk way to create wealth longer term and secure your financial future.

Why Do People Use Offshore Banking Services

Many people each year use offshore banking services to allocate their money. There are a number of reasons why they do it which can all appear very lucrative. So some people might wonder why everyone does not take advantage of offshore banking services. The only answer that makes sense is that offshore banking is not meant for everyone.
A lot of people might also question how offshore banking is accomplished. Today there are numerous offshore banking services that easily allow people from anywhere around the world to take care of financial matters.
This includes using wire transfers to add new funds to an account or making a withdrawal when necessary. Offshore small business banking services are also available.
The Pros And Cons Of Offshore Banking Services
A number of people prefer not to use offshore banking services simply because they have such a reputation of being used for racketeering and other unsavory acts. How often in movies do you see the criminals stashing their stolen money into offshore banking accounts.
While this is not necessarily a real indication of how offshore banking services are actually used, it certainly has happened in the past. If you are wondering why people would turn to offshore banking as a means to hide their money the answer is generally going to be privacy. By taking advantage of offshore banking services it is likely that there is greater privacy measures connected to your offshore account.
Some offshore banks even allow people to create accounts that have no official name registered to it. For those looking for privacy, this can be a great motivator to look into offshore banking services. It is also possible to achieve higher interest rates with an offshore bank.
This can mainly be attributed to their lower operating costs. There is frequently less bureaucracy involved with offshore banking which also helps to lower costs. Another added advantage is that the interest earned in these offshore accounts is frequently not subject to taxation.
One of the main reasons that keep a lot of people from using offshore banking services is simply cost. To setup an account with one of these offshore banks there can be a number of fees attached to it.
Many people are simply unwilling to pay these fees despite the fact that they could earn the fees back with a higher interest rate over time. A person needs to really consider all of the pros and cons and different fees that can be associated with offshore banking services before deciding to open up their own account offshore.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How To Establish Credit When You Are Under 21

Some people who have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have been issued credit cards wish they never would have gotten as far in debt as they're in. There are others, though, who just wish they could have the slightest opportunity to have a credit card and begin to prove their credit worthiness. While there are many people in a variety of situations who have never applied for a loan or credit card, this situation generally applies to teenagers and young adults who have never had any credit extended to them.

You may have been told recently that you don't qualify for a credit card or a loan because you have no credit profile. As frustrating as that seems, remember this: Having no credit is much better than having bad credit. Before we take a look at a couple ways to start building your credit profile, let's first take a look at some best practices for credit cards.

When you're young and you first get a credit card, the temptation to go on a shopping spree can be quite overwhelming. Think about this, though: Your first credit card is your first opportunity to show future lenders that you are responsible. The decisions you make now will affect you for the rest of your life. When you use your credit card, try not to use more than 30-45% of your available credit. Also, don't use more than you can afford to pay the following month. Remember that minimum payments are great for the interim, but making them only means that you'll be paying practically double (or more) the cost of your original purchase(s) in the long run.
So now let's take a look at a couple ways you can start building your credit.

Pre-Paid or Secured Credit Cards

There are a wide variety of financial institutions including Capital One, First Premier Bank, HSBC, and others that offer pre-paid credit cards or secured credit cards to people with bad or no credit. As you may infer from the name, a pre-paid credit card is a credit card that is issued to you in exchange for a full payment by you of its total credit limit. For example, if your pre-paid card has a credit limit of 0 (typical value for first time card), you would be required to pay the issuing bank 0 up front to secure' the funds. You will be able to use the credit card just as you would a regular credit card, and the best part is: The card activity gets reported to all 3 major credit reporting bureaus. As such, within months you will have an active credit profile. It's up to you how you nurture it.

Department Store Credit Cards

If you aren't interested in paying up front to secure a credit card, you may be able to get a store credit card somewhere. All types of stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, Macy's, and target and labels such as Abercrombie and Fitch and other common mall shops offer them. It's hard to know which one will offer to you without a credit profile, so ask before applying to avoid wasting your time and diminishing your already non-existent score by having it run multiple times.