Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Accident Insurance

Accidents are common in everyday life. You never know when you have to face such a situation that might bring financial issue before you or your family member. So, buy Accident insurance plan and be prepared to meet such circumstances of life. Apollo Munich's Individual Personal Accident plan is one of such accident insurance plans.

There is no doubt that the numbers of road accidents are increasing immensely. One can easily see accidents happening now and then. An accident, may it be on road, rail, air or water, might become the cause of health issues that might change his/her complete lifestyle. One might not only lose his/her earning potential, but might also need huge expenses for seeking quality medical treatment. There might be some serious issues. A person might die, get disable or bear bodily injuries as a result of an accident. These changes, though are not liked, but can come to anyone at any time of a life. The need of an hour becomes the requirement of funds to seek quality medical treatment.

In such situations of life, family members are left with no other option, other than to give away money that they have saved for the fulfillment of their dreams. It may be for child's education or for dream house. In some cases, an individual decides to sell off some precious household assets or borrow money to pay for the medical expenses.

Looking into gravity of the situation, a person should buy an accident insurance plan that could offer the required financial coverage for their medical expenses. There are many such plans in the Indian health insurance market that an individual can easily find something suiting to his/her needs.
Health insurance providers in our country are making lots of efforts to encourage people to meet such circumstances of life by buying health or medical insurance plans and thus, lend them helping hand to live a stress-free life. They have brought several accident insurance plans in order to overcome such situations of life.

Accident insurance is also known as death and disablement plan, as it offers a lumpsum payment or complete or partial sum assured amount in case of death or disablement of an insured. At the same time, there are plans that offer coverage to several bodily injuries incurred because of an accident.

Apollo Munich's Individual Personal Accident plan is one of such accident insurance plans. It works on the principle of benefit, which promises an insured a specific amount of money, depending upon the extent of body injuries. The plan is available in two variants: Standard and Premium, each with a long list of benefits. There are some additional benefits included in Premium variant. In addition, it also gives a higher range of sum assured, as compared to Standard variant.

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